I’m glad you’ve found this!

Welcome, I’m Nate!

I was diagnosed with oesophagal cancer at 26 which 2 years later regardless of enduring all mainstream treatments became terminal and I had months left to live. Against all odds having exhausted “all” treatments at the end of my life mid covid pandemic, I achieved a radical remission, confirmed by a PET CT scan.

I manage my lifestyle among a plethora of cancer-negating practices in an attempt to remain in remission-using mainstream medicine and adopting an appropriate lifestyle to carry me further than anybody thought possible (myself included). This website is for the people who ask me for advice from my life experiences, it’s to share with you all the resources, tools and information I’ve gathered over the years on how to keep myself healthy enough to have outlived my own disease.

Visit my Resources page which is filled with cancer-fighting information I feel could benefit people. This site is in continual development as and when I get available time to work on it.

If you have further questions or feel I might be able to help – please reach out and Contact Me.